The Artificial Beauty of Kandawgyi Lake in Myanmar Adventure Tours
Posted Date: 6/20/20171:57 AM

Myanmar adventure tours

The purpose of the British government to build this lake at that time was to provide clean water to Yangon. A 60-hectare lake surface is surrounded by nearly 75 hectares of green parks and many exotic botanical gardens. It has become a familiar place for picnicking and sightseeing after working hours of the ancient capital’s citizens as well as tourists going to enjoy their Myanmar holidays.

Kandawgyi Lake is a very beautiful Myanmar tourist destination. Its creators have meticulously created an unparalleled attraction like that. With a Myanmar cycling tour, you can easily go to discover that beauty with family, lover or friends.
Also known by the name Royal Lake, this artificial lake, built by the British as a reservoir, is the most attractive at dusk when the sparkling Shwedagon is reflected in its calm waters. Tourists are often really interested in their experience in the Myanmar adventure tours to this place. The paths, which run mainly along the south and west sides of the lake, are also ideal for jogging or for a walk in the early morning.

Kandawgyi Palace Hotel is located in the East of the Lake, while in the south, floating on the surface Shin Upagot Temple. Upagot is a Bodhisattva, who is supposed to protect human being in jeopardy. With one of the cheapest Myanmar biking tours, you can easily explore the mystery of this temple.
Myanmar adventure tours

Running along the road are rows of trees with young people jubilantly singing songs. Faraway ahead, there is a delicate gold masterpiece - the Karaweik boat, also Palace. The east side of the lake is dominated by a small park, which is a playground for children and a paintball attraction (K8000 for 50 balls, open 9 am to 9 pm) and fanciful Karaweik Palace for Myanmar adventure tours, a re-created reinforced concrete of a royal boat. Built in 1972, Karaweik replicates the shape of the royal boat Pyi Gyi Mon. A floating palace is also a place where visitors enjoy local delicacies, royal art and ancient folk of this land for a luxury travel in Myanmar...

There are many lakeside cafes here, so you can find a good place for yourself when enjoying a drink at dusk after your cycling Myanmar.

If you want to experience an airy space from the upper floors, accompanied by a youthful bustling atmosphere, there is the unique tower Utopia with modern architecture in brown gray stone, still very fit with the lake. To the north of Lake, Utopia Tower is an impressive feature for your Myanmar day tour. It was built of artificial stone contributing in structures of houses, restaurants, bars, karaoke, billiard clubs and a deck view on the 5th floor. On the ground floor, there is an Art Summit exhibiting the impasto oil paintings by painter Myint Soe and other local artists.
Myanmar adventure tours

A trip to visit and explore the gorgeous beauty of Kandawgyi will surely be an unforgettable memory in your life to enjoy Myanmar holidays. Be ready for this worthy trip when you have decided to book a seat in Myanmar adventure tours. You will certainly leave there with the impression of its sceneries, people, and delicacies.
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