Myanmar Adventure Tours by Train to Make Tourists More Interested
Posted Date: 7/5/20172:34 AM


The tickets for train journeys from Yangon to places near Myanmar can be obtained online. This way of booking can take at least 5 days before you depart. If not,  you can buy tickets at the station which you are to start from. In small ones, you might need to meet the station master for a ticket because foreign people are required to show their passport information.

For seats of a normal class, tickets need booking 1 day in advance and three days for seats of the upper class; sleepers ones are booked one to two weeks in advance. All of the classes have numbers on seats so if your seat has been reserved, you can take it. Early booking is advisable, especially or sleepers seats. In several local stations in Myanmar, there is the only access to tickets on the travel day, but we hope this will cause no problems for your adventure tours.
Myanmar adventure tours

Prices of tickets

Prices of tickets are between US$10 and $25 if you are booking online journeys of long distances. This range depends on the journey length as well as the seat or bed class. Using kyat to buy tickets from railway stations can cost you less, with the price from K1,000 to K10,000.


To Pyin U Lwin as well as Hsipaw from Mandalay

The Great Railway Bazaar and then the Ghost Train to the Eastern Star are among the most beautiful scenes on journeys. These can be seen in Shan State or the towering Gokteik Viaduct. As soon as they were finished in the year 1900, these structure of steel had become the largest one throughout the world and they were considered as a triumph in terms of the engineering. People say that there is need to repair over the course of years are not so the train has to be slower when it is crossing the Gokteik Gorge. In other words, this stunning sight will leave tourists breathless!
Myanmar adventure tours

Holidays to Myanmar by train offer tourists a chance to admire several interesting stops, such as Pyin U Lwin  - and old colonial hill station or  Hsipaw with rustic charms. However, you should remember that if you do not have to cross the land from China or travel beyond Lashio with a special acceptance, you must have a double back at a particular point. The best way just has a bus for one way, and the train for the other.

To Kalaw and Inle Lake from Thazi

The branch out of the major line from Yangon to Mandalay offers the different charming beauty of Myanmar. This seems to veer off in Thazi, up to Kalaw as well as Shwe Nyaung and then to Taunggyi, Shan capital state. The line has a slow winding through a beautiful hill and it is considered as a fascinating alternative to the route of a bus which many people can take. It also takes tourists to two tourism features in Burma, they are Kalaw with hill trekking around and Inle Lake full of delights.
Myanmar adventure tours

From Mandalay to Myitkyina

For Myanmar adventure tours, a journey by train between Mandalay and Myitkyina is an interest, happening in faraway parts of this country that only a foreign tourists can ever admire, such as the fascinating expenses in the lake of Indawgyi; the 24-to 40 hour journey which runs on rough as well as bumpy railway tracks. With regard to the route from Mandalay to Lashio, you yourself must also have a double back when you finish your trip to the north. Nevertheless, part of this trip takes you to a boat route which is relatively as adventurous as.
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