To Grab a Truly Active Travel Vietnam in Famous Northern Area

The North has been a famous paradise to active travel Vietnam lovers. This region gives you a valuable chance of challenging trekking and hiking tours. Also, if you love mountain climbing, cycling and motorbiking, the North side of Vietnam is also an ideal destination.

Take Wonderful Vietnam Motorbike Tours With Three Kinds of Motorbike

Three main options are available for you on considering choosing a motorbike for Vietnam motorbike tours. They are Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual. Each option bears in itself two sides (bad and good side) regarding their use. That is why it is highly recommended to think wisely before you make a decision.

Thinking of Your Style and Choose the Right Motorbike for Vietnam Adventure

There are a few rules you should apply while taking an Vietnam adventure.  For example, Being extremely reactive and able to anticipate changes are advisable in case of either a pothole on the road or a driver suddenly switching lanes without warning. However, one of the most tips that cannot be ignored is buying or renting a right motorbike (instead of ending up buying a medical insurance.)

How to enjoy Active Travel Vietnam tours With Right Motorbikes

Whether tourists who desire to buy or rent motorbikes in active travel Vietnam tours, to choose a right motorbike is a hard decision among many options and availability. Below are the details and facts that we would like to point out to help you decide what is the most suitable motorbike for you to make the most of the time in Vietnam.

Type of Motorbikes in use

ActiveTravel Asia recommend you several motors can be chosen in Vietnam motorcycling tours from basic to challenging driving grade.

Basic riding techniques

The following is a brief description of some basic riding techniques. To learn more, try taking a beginner’s clinic, or read a book on technique for beginners.

Safety riding rules

Riding your bike can be a great deal of fun, and it's a brilliant way to keep fit. Nevertheless, bike riding has its hazards, especially when you're sharing the road with motorized traffic.

About the Minsk

The two stroke, single cylinder Byelorussian Minsk is a 125cc dirt bike capable of getting you anywhere in Vietnam. In its manual it says: "These motorcycles are especially suitable for service in the country-side with bad or no roads."

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA recommends for customers when riding in Vietnam

Vietnam is a frontier destination and a motorbike ride on a motorcycle through its rugged mountains is an unparalleled adventure. Be amongst the first to explore a land steeped in natural beauty and rich cultural heritage and experience face-to-the-wind just what this wonderful country has to offer.