Different kinds of motorbike (Minsk)
Posted Date: 6/21/20139:15 AM

The 1996 – model Misk
In 1996 two versions of the standard Minsk were made. They look exactly the same but on the inside one is better because its alternator is stronger and easier to fix. If you buy the bike new then for an extra US$10 they will put in the better version. The weaker alternator is easily recognized because it has a number of round holes drilled through its cover.
Both the 1996 models have a more economical carburetor which is fine on the flat but a little short of power in the mountains. This carburetor is easy to recognize because the top of it is circular and can be unscrewed. Again, ask the dealer to put in the older, rectangular-tube shaped one for better performance in the mountains. Also opt for the round shaped head-lamp rather than the square one – it’s easier to remove and replaced if smashed.

The Sport Minsk

In addition to the two standard models in 1996, a more expensive, sports version of the Minsk was also released. It has a larger petrol tank, higher front suspension, its seat is higher (but harder) and its more quiet due to a muffler stuffed with glass fibre.
Its fourth gear is larger than the normal Minsk so this bike will go faster on the straight and the engine block is bigger so it handles the heat with more distinction. A good option for taller riders.

Wildcat Minsk

A new version appeared in the US (sold at US$1,350!!). It seems to be a new development of the Sports Minsk (same tank and side covers). Engine looks the same but frame and suspensions got a new look.
Unfortunately, the mud cover for the driving chain has gone. Front suspension has been changed as well.

Older Minsk Models
The easiest way to spot an older Minsk is that the control panel – where the speedometer is – comprises of two round tubes whereas the newer ones just have one rectangular box.
The serial number stamped onto the steering column of the left hand side of the bike has a code to say how old the bike is. The eighth last character – its a letter – denotes the year of manufacture as follows. ‘L’ is 1990, ‘M’ is 1991, ‘N’ is 1992, ‘P’ is 1993, ‘R’ is 1994, ‘S’ is 1995, ‘T’ is 1996, ‘V’ is 1997, ‘W’ is 1998, ‘X’ is 1999 and ‘Y’ is 2000.

The engine is easier to date as the last two characters inscribed on it on the left hand side are numbers like ‘94’ or ‘96’.
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