Beautiful Nature in Hai Van Pass for Vietnam Adventure Tour
Posted Date: 6/13/20173:34 AM

Vietnam adventure tour

Hai Van Pass is more than 20km long. The road passing it was built from the French colonial period. Due to the complicated terrain, considerably high steep slope, the winding road with many dangerous parts and even landslides in rainy seasons, before Hai Van tunnel was built and put into operation, Hai Van Pass is among the most dangerous pass in Vietnam and is the worry for any driver or passenger when moving through this area. However, above all, it is still a worthy place for tourists to come in Vietnam adventure holidays at this time.

Despite the danger, Hai Van Pass is still considered the most poetic, majestic and magnificent pass by visitors when going for a Vietnam trekking tour with one side is the immense blue sea, and the other side is the endless mountain ranges, which creates extremely spectacular sceneries. No wonder why in the 15th century, King Le Thanh Tong, named the pass as "the most majestic wonder". This name was later engraved by King Minh Mang on the rock gates on the top of the pass.
Vietnam adventure tour

Since June 2005, Hai Van tunnel was completed and put into operation, which helped the traffic system between Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang become more convenient and much safer. Therefore, this place was invested in developing tourist services which are for an interesting Vietnam adventure tour. Many stop stations on the pass have been built, allowing visitors to rest and relax when traveling on the pass.

Vehicles passing Hai Van pass are now deserted, with only motorbikes and a few vehicles not allowed to cross the tunnel on this road, which means you can still go there in one of the best trekking in Vietnam. With good road surface, easy travel, majestic and poetic sceneries, combined with its reputation through hundreds of years of history, Hai Van Pass is really attractive to tourists and backpackers.

Only by slowly driving motorcycles through the pass, and firsthand watching the beautiful sceneries for any like a Vietnam hiking tour here can you admit that it is indeed worth the nickname "the most majestic wonder".
Vietnam adventure tour

In the south of the pass to look down from its top, Danang City appears to be extremely modern and magnificent for a Vietnam adventure tour with skyscrapers, factories, tall chimneys, nestled on the charming blue coastline to shine like a jewel in the South China Sea.

In the north of the pass, which is located in Thua Thien Hue, Lap An lagoon and Lang Co fishing village create a completely peaceful scenery. New houses tile into the deep blue sea, with white sand dunes stretching out. Faraway, there is an endless mountain range with white clouds covered. In the middle of it, growing the bridge which directly leads to Hai Van tunnel and goes through the mountain inside. All of them create a poetic picture which takes visitors’ breath going there for an adventure in Vietnam right from the first sight.
Vietnam adventure tour

Going along the pass road, the blue sea will always be present in the sight of visitors, now spreading out endlessly, now coming closely toward tourists with its gentle and sound breath.

At some appropriate parts, visitors can stop their Vietnam travel biking tours for a while and stand on the pass to look down to the narrow and meandering road they just have passed. The sight looks extremely spectacular.

Located on the top of the pass is Hai Van gate that King Minh Mang had built. On the stone, there were carved the words "The most majestic wonder". Hai Van gate has been recognized as a national historical relic. This is also an attractive destination for visitors in such wonderful cycle tours in Vietnam. From Hai Van Gate, tourists can see the entire view on the pass easily.
Vietnam adventure tour

With the increasing demand to travel in a Vietnam adventure tour to explore the natural sights and wonders of the country, there are now many places being invested in developing in tourism. However, Hai Van Pass still plays well its own role and attracts more and more tourists to come. In the forthcoming time, there are more changes in this place so that it can be a more worthy destination for visitors around the world to come.
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