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If you don’t like to ride on streets and sidewalks, but love to have bike races on dirt roads, do lots of tricks, and try some stunts, then a BMX bike is the perfect bike for you. A BMX bike looks similar to a motorcycle, but BMX bikes are made for racing, stunts and tricks; therefore, they do not have as many parts and they are very light.

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The track racing bike is one of the fastest bikes that you can get. Even though there is only one original track racing bike, there are a few spin-offs that are modeled off the original. 

About the Minsk

The two stroke, single cylinder Byelorussian Minsk is a 125cc dirt bike capable of getting you anywhere in Vietnam. In its manual it says: "These motorcycles are especially suitable for service in the country-side with bad or no roads."

Different kinds of motorbike (Minsk)

There is no exact historical record for the date when Minsk was founded. It was first mentioned (as Mensk) in the Primary Chronicle in 1067.

Road trips the north of Vietnam - guide for motorbike

This section will give you succinct descriptions of the roads to various destinations we have experimented for you. Enjoy the drives…

6th day Motorcycling North Vietnam

After 6 days of traveling North Vietnam by motorbike, Dave recorded his trip in this entry September 3rd 2009 by Wildh2o, Solo in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Motorbiking Adventure Cambodia_A real exploration of Cambodia

We’ve made a real exploration Cambodia by Motorbiking – through deep sand, thick jungle and past multiple temples.
Motorbiking adventure Cambodia
Leaving Siem Reap we hit the dirt straight away as we hopped onto Cambodia’s route 66.

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA recommends for customers when riding in Vietnam

Vietnam is a frontier destination and a motorbike ride on a motorcycle through its rugged mountains is an unparalleled adventure. Be amongst the first to explore a land steeped in natural beauty and rich cultural heritage and experience face-to-the-wind just what this wonderful country has to offer.

Motorcycling travel guides - Motorcycling in Vietnam

Always keep your eyes forward and slow down at every intersection. If you and another are both converging on the same spot then who ever make the first evasive move (to the left or right) is the action that both of you should then follow.