How To Decide Among Various Accommodation Options for Vietnam Adventure Tours

Accommodations in Vietnam are at a wide range of budget and taste, from bare-bones backpacker lodging to luxe resorts and everything in between for tourists to enjoy their Vietnam adventure tours. There are international chains, hostels, and small boutique hotels, too. And it is common to hear about “Hotels vs Homestay”.

To Grab a Truly Active Travel Vietnam in Famous Northern Area

The North has been a famous paradise to active travel Vietnam lovers. This region gives you a valuable chance of challenging trekking and hiking tours. Also, if you love mountain climbing, cycling and motorbiking, the North side of Vietnam is also an ideal destination.

Take Wonderful Vietnam Motorbike Tours With Three Kinds of Motorbike

Three main options are available for you on considering choosing a motorbike for Vietnam motorbike tours. They are Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual. Each option bears in itself two sides (bad and good side) regarding their use. That is why it is highly recommended to think wisely before you make a decision.

Ta Nang Phan Dung Best Trekking Path for Vietnam Local Tour

If you have a chance to experience through the trekking path for a Vietnam travel tour package, one thing that you must admit is that Ta Nang – Phan Dung is the path across forest whose beauty goes beyond your imagination. The trekking path meanders through the hills and highlands filled with green grass and trees, which blows away your tiredness and stress in the daily life to let yourself relax with the masterpieces of nature for a Vietnam local tour. The gorgeous Yaly waterfall is also an unforgettable impression during your travel. Above all, the trekking path Ta Nang – Phan Dung will be the route to challenge your own will and patience.

About the Minsk

The two stroke, single cylinder Byelorussian Minsk is a 125cc dirt bike capable of getting you anywhere in Vietnam. In its manual it says: "These motorcycles are especially suitable for service in the country-side with bad or no roads."

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA recommends for customers when riding in Vietnam

Vietnam is a frontier destination and a motorbike ride on a motorcycle through its rugged mountains is an unparalleled adventure. Be amongst the first to explore a land steeped in natural beauty and rich cultural heritage and experience face-to-the-wind just what this wonderful country has to offer.

Different kinds of motorbike (Minsk)

There is no exact historical record for the date when Minsk was founded. It was first mentioned (as Mensk) in the Primary Chronicle in 1067.

Road trips the north of Vietnam - guide for motorbike

This section will give you succinct descriptions of the roads to various destinations we have experimented for you. Enjoy the drives…

6th day Motorcycling North Vietnam

After 6 days of traveling North Vietnam by motorbike, Dave recorded his trip in this entry September 3rd 2009 by Wildh2o, Solo in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Buying a touring motorbike in Vietnam - Vietnam Motorcycling Travel Guide

By far, the best way to experience Vietnam is by motorbike. As with elsewhere in southeast Asia, here, the motorbike is king. They are cheap to buy, easy to repair, and they can take you places the tour bus would never dare to go.